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If anyone ever tells you that Outdoor Video is easy, hang up immediately! The technology has come a long way in the past decade, but the great outdoors still present serious challenges in delivering an image to a screen. One of the main culprits is sunlight. If a screen isn't bright enough to see the image, who cares how cheap it was. If it starts to fritz out with the first rain drops, will you still think you are the smartest guy in the world because you chose the lowest bid? The best thing you can do is educate yourself on what you need for your application. Even if you fully intend to use someone else, or the cheapest solution you can find, please don't hesitate to call. We'll spend the time with you and make sure you are asking the right questions to get the best solution. Yes, it takes a little bit of homework to be informed, but ignoring some simple information could mean the difference between a successful show and a failure.

Modular Video Screens

Modular systems are composed of standardized units or tiles allowing for easy construction and extreme creative freedom. Upstage Video inventories the latest in LED technology from Lighthouse, Barco, Daktronics as well as our own in-house brand Color Specific. We offer all levels of pixel pitch/resolution. These screens can be built to any size or shape. They can be flown from truss or staging structures, stacked on level ground or built into scaffolding.

The V-Tower

The V-tower’s freakishly small footprint allows for standard doorway entries and get this, it can even go on elevators. It fits into spaces you probably never even thought of. Additionally, they were designed for easy set up in about 8 minutes or less! To put it plainly, it’s going to make your life that much easier. Click here to request a quote. 

This portable video screen solution opens up new possibilities for:

  • Concerts and Festivals
  • Rallies, Races, Parades
  • Commencement Ceremonies
  • Experiential Marketing Events
  • Tailgate and Sports Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Trade Show Floors
  • Corporate Lobbies
  • Retail outlets 

8 x 13 Mobile Screen

These brand new 8mm SMD LED screens were installed on a pair of Barco B10s and offer major improvements over the original B10:

  • 16:9 wide screen aspect ratio
  • The 8mm SMD LED screen offers more than twice the resolution of the old Barco product
  • The bottom of the screen now trims at 10' as opposed to 8'. That's a big deal folks!

Its small footprint allows you to position a screen just about anywhere, at a fraction of the cost of a truss-supported screen. While some people think an 8' x 13' screen is too small, we believe that multiple smaller screens can be much more effective than one large 17' x 27'. Obviously, each event is going to have very specific needs, but we have had great success using these screens stage left and right of the Stageline mobile staging units. They are absolutely the most affordable way to offer a two-screen solution. They are also self-contained with a quiet onboard Kohler generator and a small control room, which we fit out according to each show’s production requirements. These units are perfect for mobile marketing tours and can easily be wrapped in vinyl branding and staffed by one tech-driver. 

11x18 Mobile Screen

These units are simply awesome! 11' x 18' Wide Screen.  While we still own, and offer the Barco B10's, many people were asking for features the B10 just couldn't deliver. Although the B10 offers a small footprint (8' x 20' when you include the trailer tongue), these new units have an even smaller footprint of 8' x 16'. Equipped with our very own Color Specific True SMD 8mm screens (CS8), these units have the highest resolution screen on any mobile unit that we are aware of anywhere in the world! If you've got more pixels, real pixels, packed into a screen this size, we will certainly stop saying we're the highest...but today, we're the highest, so there. It also offers a wider height range than the B10 as the bottom of the screens can trim from 4' to 13'6" (B10's trim at 8'-8.5"). We love all of our mobile LED units, but we admit that at certain events, they can stick out like a sore thumb. This new mobile LED screen is so stealth, so low profile, that it can all but disappear behind some potted plants, bike racks, or some small signage.

See our blog posting about this unit: 


17x27 Mobile Screen

The biggest mobile units in our inventory are called upon for the biggest events around. Each of these mobile monsters are equipped with a 17' x 27' (wide screen format) Daktronics LED Display. At 6500 nits, both units offer the brightest screens available, which is important if your event is taking place in direct sunlight. The control rooms can be equipped with a variety of switching, monitoring or playback equipment. We gear them up according to each show’s needs. The screens can be used in the down position, or raised to over 20'. The tarp system can also close around the mast when the screen is in the raised position, leaving a very clean look for your audience. If you've got a need for a super big video display, these units are the only way to go.