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What is the difference between a mobile and a modular screen?

A Mobile LED Screen is a truck or trailer with a hydrolic lift system that raises and lowers the screen.  These screens set up quickly, run on self-contained generator power, and require little labor.  The screen sizes on our mobile units are fixed.

A Modular LED Screen is built onsite using individual LED tiles, so the sky's the limit when it comes to screen size or shape.  These screens can be supported in many different ways including building directly on a stage, flying from truss, on scaffolding etc.  Modular screens require additional labor and take considerably longer to set up vs. a mobile screen.


Why should I choose a mobile screen vs. a modular screen?

Mobile screens are great when you don't have a lot of set-up time and you're looking for an easy-in/easy-out solution.  They're also a great solution when your event does not have the infrastructure to support a modular screen, or if the budget is tight.  

Modular screens are usually chosen for aesthetic reasons or if the event is taking place indoors.


What resolution screen should I use for my event?

We offer many different screen resolutions and each one is best suited to a particular use.  Higher resolution screens are needed when your audience is going to be close to the screen and you want them to be able to see detailed images or text.  Our highest resolution 5mm product is designed for indoor use when you need a clear image at a close viewing distance, like at a trade show or meeting.  Medium resolution products (approx. 8mm-16mm) work great for most events when you will be showing IMAG or other video content and the majority of your viewing audience will be at least 50' from the screen.  Lower resolution products are best used for background graphics or when your audience is farther away.


What size screen do I need?

Well... that's a tough question to answer in such a small place.  Screen size needed depends on many factors including your video content, viewing distance, size of your crowd etc.  Call us and we'll help you figure out the best solution for your situation.


Does Upstage Video currently have any job openings?

Upstage Video is always looking for new talent to join us on this great adventure. If you are hard-working, customer service oriented, and open to anything, read on to see if one of the following postions might be a good fit for you!


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