Upstage Video Provides Mobile Screen for Luke Bryan

Every October, Luke Bryan returns to his rural farming roots in the southeastern part of the country to perform an 8-day concert series known as the Farm Tour. The tour serves as a tribute to the hard-working farmers of America. The first performance scheduled in Gaston, SC was canceled due to evacuations from Hurricane Matthew that stretched to multiple states, including South Carolina.

Farm Tour_1 copy

For live events that aren’t held in concert-friendly venues, the success of the performances depends on the logistical efficiencies getting to and from the venue. The Farm Tour’s production team was looking for an effective way to overcome logistical hurdles when building a concert in the middle of a field all while loading in and out on the same day. Upstage Video has worked with the Luke Bryan Farm Tour team for 4 years. Year after year, their role for providing LED services has played a major role in each performance. The company provides a 17’ x 27’, 12mm mobile LED screen that flanks the left side of the concert stage, displaying IMAG for the 15,000-20,000 attendee performances in 8 cities.

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About Doug Murray

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