The golf tournament game has changed. Let’s face it, the majority of golf tournament directors realize the use of LED technology is the proven method to enhance the fan experience during tournaments. However, many are still unsure on who to choose to seamlessly execute audio visual options from start to finish.

  • LED displays
  • Media Center
  • Closed circuit TV/Tournament Channel
  • Interview rooms
  • Hospitality areas
  • Clinics and off-site events
  • Compared to the other guys, our contract terms are flexible

Upstage Video works with some of the biggest golf tournaments in the game, from the PGA Tour to the Champions Tour, we create programs to keep the audience engaged and sponsors happy. We have over 10 years of AV experience with the most recognized golf tournaments from coast to coast.


Connecting the audience, players and sponsors during a golf tournament can be challenging. Upstage Video outdoor LED display solutions are the perfect addition to hospitality areas, media rooms, awards ceremonies, clubhouses and off-site promotional events. We create the ultimate event experience using on-course technology to engage the crowd and provide real time tournament information. Use our freestanding LED screens for scoring, sponsorships and (for the smart marketers) interactive social media with audience-engaging content!


Our technicians can easily interface with most scoring systems to offer another dimension to the fan experience using our digital leader boards. Don’t have an interface? No problem, our software engineers will customize an application that works for you. Our digital leader boards are easy to update and display real-time scoring.


Word of mouth is everything these days. Impress the press attending your tournament with custom media walls consisting of scrolling score cards, ShotLink stats and Live TV. Giving your media attendees the ultimate “control center” feel.

What does your interview room look like on SportsCenter? We provide a TV lighting package, interview audio system, live interview recording and press signal distribution.



We know how time-consuming the event planning process can be, that’s why we’ve enlisted a golf tournament guru to help you along the way. Meet Greg Brown, our Senior LED Technician and Golf Tournament Specialist. This guy has the knowledge and experience to help support all of your AV needs throughout the entirety of your event.