Bringing Jesus to Life at Sight & Sound Theatre

In the spring of 2018, Sight & Sound Theatres of Lancaster, PA will debut its newest epic biblical drama- JESUS. The show premiers on March 10, 2018 and will run through January 5, 2019 with 11 weekly performances. A 113’ wide by 30’ tall flying LED screen, installed by the team at Upstage Video, will bring Jesus to life on stage in a bold new scale. Weighing nearly 12 tons, the screen will fly in and out of scenes using a hoist installed by TAIT.

“LED technology is hardly new to theatre, but we know of no other productions using a single-unit LED screen of this size and level of resolution as a backdrop,” Jesus Director Josh Enck, Sight & Sound president and chief creative officer said. “We believe the scale and impact break new ground.”

So just how big is it? The screen arrived at Sight & Sound’s Lancaster, Pennsylvania, theatre in 152 road cases, requiring 12 technicians and 2 days to assemble. Among its other impressive stats:

  • It’s made up of 1,242 individual panels
  • The width (113’) is the wingspan of a Boeing 737 and almost 3 stories high (30’)
  • It contains almost 21 millions individual pixels

About Upstage Video

Since 2005, Upstage Video has been dreaming up, delivering and building video displays for live events and spectacular installations all over the world. From concert touring and television broadcasts, to corporate, sporting and special events, the company is focused on providing market leading technology and talent to the biggest brands and event producers in the business. A boutique shop with over a century of combined experience, their capabilities range from multi-camera production to mobile and modular LED screen packages. Their dedication to “better,” not “bigger” sets them apart from their peers.